SEO Portfolio

Why an SEO Portfolio Matters

Anybody who claims to be great in SEO should be able to produce an SEO portfolio, right? Below is a small sample of some of the SEO results I've been able to generate. My SEO experience includes working in industries such as SaaS, financial services, eCommerce, and many others.

What makes me different? My services are tailored to a customized SEO strategy, with a clear roadmap so you're never in doubt about what is going on with your account. I communicate with all my clients closely and educate them along the way as my strategies are being deployed on their site. I focus on the highest opportunities first so that you know you're getting the best ROI right out of the gate. 

Google Analytics organic metrics portfolio results.
Google Analytics portfolio for organic results.
Google Analytics client portfolio organic results.
Google Analytics client portfolio results.

Client Results

All client results are based on organic metrics or goals over the duration of one year compared to the previous period. I worked on all these accounts for the complete one-year duration. 

My strategy for clients is simple. I start by doing an in-depth analysis on your site and competitors. From there, I am able to generate a data-driven roadmap that will deliver quality results that increase organic metrics and goal conversions.

Keyword Growth Results

Google Data Studio organic keyword SEO portfolio results.
SEMrush organic keyword SEO portfolio results.
Google Data Studio keyword SEO portfolio results.
SEMrush keyword SEO portfolio results.